Progressions and Scaling for Squat, Press and Deadlift
The exact system legendary strength coach Zach Even Esh uses to get his athletes strong as $#!&

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What to Expect

This course has a ton of material to help you and your athletes get strong and stay strong!
The exact system Underground Strength Gym uses to turn weak kids into STRONG kids or as Zach says, "how to turn weak kids into bad motherf-ckers"!

Zach is going to help you squat heavier, improve your technique, move more weight and improve your overall performance in the squat

Learn clear progression from the simplest squat variations all the way to the most advanced variations to get strong the right way (ie., quickly without getting injured!)

How to use many different squat variations to build a monster squat!

How to build rock solid foundational strength for new athletes that they can learn to do in seconds

Easy to do movement adjustments for athletes with poor range of motion and/or poor technique

What to do (nope not more squatting) when a new athlete has shitty glute, hamstring and low back strength

Learn how to get as strong as possible as efficiently as possible! More strength in less time!

How to make movements harder for advanced athletes (often without adding more weight)

Simple ways to improve trunk strength and core stability

How many sets and reps to do for different types of exercises

How long to rest between sets for strength exercises

Examples of when to change an athlete's workout "on the fly" based on how he/she looks on during their workout

How to train "strength as a skill", never get sloppy and build strength endurance

You also get a FREE BONUS which includes a ton of pre-made workouts from Zach's "Strength, Size and Toughness Course"!
About the Author
Zach Even-Esh is The Founder of The Underground Strength Gym and Creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification.

 Since 2002 Zach has trained athletes, from youth to the adult ages, to improve their strength, speed and conditioning.

 What started as a garage gym has evolved into two gyms that routinely turns "regular people" in to dominant athletes. He's also spurred a worldwide movement of training that has coaches flying in from around USA and many other countries to learn the methods of The Underground Strength System of training.

 In addition to consulting with Strength Coaches from around the world, Zach has also consulted with Division 1 Wrestling Teams and amateur wrestling clubs prepping for international and Olympic competition.

 Zach's training programs has helped produce All State athletes, All American athletes, State Champions, National Champions and Olympic Hopeful athletes.